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Tech Neck – Is Your Phone Giving you a Pain in the Neck?

We all have them.... mobile phones. And how common it is these days that we see people looking down at their phones? Maybe you do it too.

The problem is that this unnatural position can cause a whole host of problems - neck pain, headaches, and numbness in the hands. Do you experience any of these symptoms?

Maybe it's time to come back in for an adjustment so that your body can perform at it's best and let me help you with your tech neck!

Is your phone giving you tech neck?

Watch your phone posture! The pressure on your spine dramatically increases when your head is tilted forward. This stress to your spine can lead to early wear & tear and possible surgeries!

So you might have noticed some changes... introducing Cornerstone Chiropractic Centre!

November last year I started my very own practice in Boronia. I'm working along side some fantastic myotherapists - some of you may already be familiar with Kylie and her team at Boronia Myotherapy and Allied Health. I'm located in Suite 1, 173 Boronia Road, Boronia 3155 - come on in and say hello!

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