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How do you know if you have Tech Neck?

My last entry was about 'Tech Neck'. If you'd like to review it - follow this link.

So Tech Neck refers to a posture where the head appears to be positioned in front of the body. Forward head posture is considered to be the most common postural deformity, affecting between up to 90% of the population!

Patients often come to me complaining of persistent neck and upper back pain, along with tension-type headaches, and upon examination, the majority of them have this postural deformity.

Did you realise that for every 2.5cm of forward movement of your head, there is an extra 4.5kg of weight placed on your neck.

It doesn’t stop there… forward head posture doesn’t just affect the neck and shoulders; the center of gravity of your entire body is also altered, which affects your torso and every joint in your body.

Your body tries to adapt to these positional changes by altering the balance control mechanisms of the body, which actually decreases your ability to balance. This means as you engage in different activities throughout the day, you increase your risk of injury.

The cause of a forward head posture can be summed up in two words - POOR POSTURE. Try the simple exercise below to see if you are at risk.

How to check if you have a forward head posture or 'Tech Neck'

check if you have tech neckIt’s simple – do this little test…

  • Stand with your back towards a wall with your heels positioned shoulder width apart
  • Press your buttocks against the wall and ensure that your shoulder blades are in contact with the wall
    **Squeezing your shoulder blades together can help you get your shoulders into a more neutral position and aligned with the wall
  • Now, check your head position – is the back of your head touching the wall?
  • If it’s not, you have forward head posture

The good news is with a few simple exercises, posture awareness and workstation modifications and you can start correcting this posture! I will focus on these in my next entry.

So if you are experiencing neck pain, tension headaches or muscle spasms, maybe it's time to come back in for an adjustment so that your body can perform at it's best and let me help you with your tech neck!

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